Inclusive Design Starter Guide

Build your understanding of the basics of inclusive design with our robust learning guide. Available in two formats: an interactive website and a 40-page eBook.

This guide is the result of 200+ volunteer hours of hard work and passion. To access the guide, we ask for a voluntary donation to support and sustain our equity-centered efforts.

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What's covered in this guide?
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This guide will give you a thorough introduction to inclusive design and 5 interrelated concepts (diversity & inclusion, accessibility, equity & justice, care & healing).

Explore five chapters:
  • Recognize how oppression shows up in design
  • Expand your view and definition of inclusive design
  • Navigate the design for social change ecosystem
  • Explore practical applications of inclusive design
  • Continue on an active learning journey with curated resources
Who created this guide?
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This guide was written, designed and developed by  Inclusive Design Jam founder Sandra Camacho (She/Her) with support of community members. This was a volunteer inclusive design project spanning 200+ hours between January and March 2023.

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Where do donations go?
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Donations will be used to support the creators of this resource and fund equitable access to community programming and resources. All donations will be managed in our independent, transparent fund on OpenCollective.

What's the Inclusive Design Jam?

We are a community of practice and training academy for inclusive design founded in 2022. Our mission is to make access and use of products, services and environments equal to all.

We operate as a volunteer-led Slack community under a grassroots model and a training academy under a social enterprise model. As we've only launched our Academy, we rely on donations and volunteers to keep our work sustainable.

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The team behind the guide

This guide was built between January and March 2023 by our founder Sandra Camacho (She/Her) with support from Inclusive Design Jam community members. We leaned into inclusive design principles — an intersectional group of practitioners of all levels helped shape the guide through surveys, interviews and concept testing.
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Author and Designer

Sandra Camacho (She/Her) is an inclusive design consultant and educator (Sandra By Design) and founder of the Inclusive Design Jam. She is a cis-heterosexual mestiza woman of mixed heritage born in Colombia, raised in the U.S. and living in France for 10 years.

This guide reflects her learnings in 13+ years of professional experience in Tech, the humanitarian sector and independent consulting. It's anchored in years of study of intercultural relations, social design and design innovation. And it builds upon the work of practitioners in social justice and diversity, equity and inclusion in and outside of the design world.

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Thought Partner

Marja Germans Gard, PhD (She/Her) is a white cis female UX mixed methods researcher and IDJ community member. She is a quantitative researcher by training, with a background in both clinical psychology and creative entrepreneurship. She provided hands-on support on research and precious inputs on how to adapt the guide to beginners (as a beginner herself).

Beta Testers

Thank you to our community members who graciously provided their feedback and inputs to help us improve usability, comprehensibility, accuracy and relevance. Those who wish to be identified are listed below.

Ana Germain smiling with a troll doll in her hand.
Ana Germain
UX Researcher
Dr. Dee Miller smiling.
Dee Miller, PhD
Equitable Design &
Social Impact Consultant
Imène Ghernati smiling.
Imène Ghernati
Founder of STEAM Learning Institute
Imran Nazerali smiling.
Imran Nazerali
Lyndal Hamwood smiling.
Lyndal Hamwood
DEI Advisor &
Social Equity Advocate
Wren L. smiling.
Wren L.
UX Designer
All beta tester photos are copyrighted to respective copyright owners.

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