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We're a global learning community of changemakers committed to making access and use of products, services and environments equal to all.

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What we do

We empower changemakers to design for inclusion, equity and justice through learning, knowledge transfer, and ongoing practice.

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Our Slack group is where the community flourishes! Find best practices, resources and opportunities for mentorship and connections with values-driven peers.
Jam Sessions and Events
Through collective gatherings and jam sessions, we lean into hands-on practice, dialogues and critical reflection on inclusive and equitable design.
Advocacy and Impact Initiatives
We raise awareness through educational campaigns and provide support to social impact organizations to drive social change and deepen our practice.

Upcoming Public Events

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August 2022 Community Jam
Join us for our monthly community jam. This month's session will be a case study review and discussion to draw lessons from others' inclusive design work.
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September 2022 Initiation Jam
Join us on our monthly initiation jam where you can discover inclusive design in an interactive workshop! This session is scheduled to be friendly to EMEA & APAC time zones.
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Hi, I'm Sandra Camacho (aka Sandra By Design), the founder of this community. We're eager to connect with values-driven individuals and organizations who'd like to support us on our mission.

If you'd like to partner with us or have questions about our work, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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