About us

We are a community of practice and training academy for inclusive design founded in 2022.

Our mission

Make the access and use of products, services and environments equal to all.

Our vision

We envision a future where inclusion, equity and justice are built into products, services and environments by default.

Our actions

We raise awareness on inclusive design and mobilize changemakers around the world through knowledge transfer and advocacy.

Social enterprise and grassroots community.

We operate as a volunteer-led Slack community under a grassroots model and a training academy under a social enterprise model.

Our aim is to reinvest a portion of our profits into a transparent fund for equitable access to our learning opportunities and community programming.

As we're only starting to explore paid offerings, we rely on donations and volunteers to support our free programming and resources.

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Our point of view

Inclusive design means design for social change

We use an expanded definition of inclusive design.

For us, inclusive design is an ecosystem of approaches, mindsets and practices for social change. It disrupts oppressive norms and systems to ensure that as many people as possible can fully access, benefit from and find joy in the solutions we design.

We embed this justice-driven vision and a systemic approach into our Community events and our learning programs in our Academy.

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Our values

We are a 200+ member community of social changemakers of all disciplines, geographies and backgrounds aligned around a set of shared values.

We foster inclusion and belonging by valuing differing perspectives, holding space for others, and respecting privacy and confidentiality in our shared space.
We are open and forthcoming about what we do and how we make decisions to build and maintain trust with all involved in the community.
Fair Value Exchange
We honor equity by adopting a culture of reciprocal giving, where value given to the community is returned in kind back to the community by its members.
Global Perspectives
We intentionally seek out diverse perspectives and decentralize our work to take regional and local nuances into account.
Equal Access
We commit to removing barriers to participation to ensure equal access to community gatherings, resources and opportunities.
Proper Attribution
We acknowledge and attribute credit to the original authors of thoughts and work shared in our community while also protecting our own original creations.

About the founder

The Inclusive Design Jam (IDJ) was founded by Sandra Camacho (She/her), an independent inclusive design strategist and educator based in Paris, France. After 8 years at Google, she took on the alias Sandra By Design in 2018 to help organizations design for social impact.

She's spent the past 5 years working with organizations around the world to evolve culture, practices and processes for more inclusive and equitable outcomes. She's our Community lead and lead instructor at the Academy.

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Meet the team

The community is managed and overseen by Sandra Camacho (aka Sandra By Design). She's supported by a group of self-appointed volunteers from around the world who are passionate about inclusive and equitable design.

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Ana Germain
Working Group Member
Apurva Dabhade
Working Group Member
Gayathri Jagadeesan
Working Group Member
Livia Panez
Working Group Member
Sandra Camacho
Founder and Community Lead
Wafa Alnasayan
Working Group Member

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