Inclusive Design Foundations

A virtual bootcamp to help you initiate your inclusive design practice with purpose, clarity and the right mindset.

Upcoming Sessions: Summer 2023 (to be confirmed soon)
2 hours of self-placed lessons
4 hours of workshops (attend live or via recording)
Community discussions
Individual exercises
*Scholarships available
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Let's start by defining inclusive design.

We recognize that inclusive design has many different definitions. Our definition of inclusive design is expansive — we call it “design for social change.” It encompasses diversity & inclusion, equity & justice, accessibility, ethics and care & healing.

In our bootcamp, we'll dive into this expanded definition through our Design for Social Change Ecosystem.

The journey from good intentions to positive impact is a bit messy.

If you're here, we imagine that you're fed up with a status quo of inequity, bias and exclusion. You're eager to design for social change. But inclusive design is often easier said than done.

Struggling to start.

You're excited about inclusive design, but don't really know where or how to start. You may feel unprepared and lacking direction.

Lost and confused.

You've started exploring but feel lost among so many resources. What makes sense for your work? Whose advice should you trust?

Afraid of mistakes.

You’re already experimenting but worry about mistakes. What is "inclusive" enough? Are you unknowingly being biased?

Kick off your inclusive design journey with purpose.

Mindset can make all the difference in your inclusive design journey. Our Inclusive Design Foundations Bootcamp is designed to help you start and stay on a high-impact track.

After this bootcamp, you will be able to:

Confidently navigate inclusive design concepts and definitions with our Design for Social Change Ecosystem
Understand the interconnections between identity, power, privilege, bias and design
Distinguish between surface-level and deeper applications of inclusive design with our Pattern Weaving framework
Initiate a more critical and introspective inclusive design practice with The Reflexive Compass, our decision-making framework
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Your Instructor

You're in experienced hands.

Hi, I’m Sandra Camacho (She/Her), a.k.a. Sandra By Design. I'm an independent inclusive design strategist, educator and advisor and the founder of the Inclusive Design Jam. I'm excited to be your instructor! 

I've been laying and building upon the foundations of my inclusive design practice for over 15 years.

What I bring to you

Rich knowledge of identity politics, systems and social design through 6 years of academic study and field work
Hands-on practice in culture change and design-driven innovation in 8 years at Google
Learnings and insights drawn from 4 years of inclusive design advisory with organizations of all sizes
Deep understanding of practitioner needs, challenges and best practices gained from managing our IDJ community
Proven capacity to shift mindsets, behaviors and practices, having run 250+ workshops and courses over 13 years
Personal conviction and cultural humility as a trilingual two-time immigrant and woman of color

Our curriculum.

Anchor yourself in your why.

Purpose gives direction. Identify the “why” for inclusive design that most resonates with you.

Decipher the status quo.

Explore how intended and unintended consequences result from systems of oppression.

Unpack your positionality.

No one is truly neutral or objective. Look into the mirror of your own bias, privilege and power.

Master concepts and definitions.

Dive into definitions, principles and concepts across the Design for Social Change Ecosystem.

Start discerning patterns.

Enhance your capacity to perceive patterns of oppression and liberation in your design process.

Build daily habits and practices.

Start to build critical thinking and introspective habits with The Reflexive Compass.

An inclusively and equitably designed program.

We not only educate others on inclusive design. We model these principles in all of our learning programs by focusing on equity, inclusivity and accessibility.

We promise you will:

Engage with multiple learning formats.
Benefit from ample space and flexible time.
Lean into small group, accessible learning.
Pay what you can afford.
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Engage with multiple learning formats.

Learning happens in and outside of the “classroom.” That’s why we’ve designed the bootcamp to adapt to different styles and ways of learning.
Get acquainted with the key topics covered in the bootcamp with self-paced micro-lessons.
Interactive Live Workshops
Dive deeper into topics, do collective exercises and engage in Q&A in two 2-hour workshops.
Individual Exercises
Work through reflection prompts and daily habit building activities on your own.
Community Discussions
Ask questions, share resources and connect with peers and your instructor on a private Slack channel.
A calendar with five calendar days demarcated in a salmon color and and the remaining days in the month demarcated in a light beige color

Benefit from ample space and flexible time.

Life can sometimes get in the way of planned learning time. That’s why we give you space and flexibility to engage in learning on your schedule.

You can attend the workshops live or watch the recordings. You can opt to take the micro-lessons and do the individual exercises later on. And you won’t keep access to the materials and the community space after the program ends.

Pay what you can afford.

Equitable pricing

We are experimenting with two pricing tiers — full price and a scholarship. We trust that you will select the tier that aligns with your situation. Any abuses of this system will result in cancellation of your enrollment.

An optional donation with your purchase will be transparently routed to our Academy Scholarship Fund on OpenCollective. You can choose to make this donation separately into our fund at any moment. These donations help increase access of our programs.
Full Price
For those who can afford to pay the full price based on income, currency and/or access to professional development* funds.
Symbolic Investment
For those who cannot afford to pay the full price. We welcome you to apply for a scholarship.*
*Limited slots available

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What participants say

We'll be real with you — this bootcamp is spanking new! But it builds upon dozens of inclusive workshops run by your instructor for 200+ participants. This is what they've said of previous training experiences.

"Thank you for this! This really opens our eyes on all the work we still have yet to do."
"We appreciated Sandra's authenticity and her deep understanding of inclusion challenges at all scales."
“It was uncomfortable, but that’s when I know that I’m growing the most."
"We really loved the open and lively format that piqued our curiosity and spurred many discussions."

Frequently asked questions.

Is this only for beginners?
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This bootcamp is designed for folks in early stages of their inclusive design journey, especially those who haven't gotten started or have only done a bit of experimentation.

Practitioners of all levels, however, will find value in exploring and experimenting new frameworks, challenging their existing approaches and deepening the conceptual foundations of their practice. If you'd like to tell us more about your situation to determine if it's the right fit for you, don't hesitate to get in touch at
I’m not a designer. Is this for me?
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We believe that anyone can practice inclusive design, whether you are a professionally trained designer, researcher, consultant, entrepreneur, marketer, engaged citizen or beyond. This bootcamp is targeted to anyone who is looking to imagine and bring to life solutions that have positive social impact on the world.
Will there be any focus on practical application?
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Yes and no. We will focus on how to build and activate an inclusive design mindset in your life and in your design process through small, day-to-day actions.

Strategic planning, influence-building, tactical execution and implementation of inclusive design requires considerable training and preparation. This is why we'll be splitting these topics into separate learning offerings, which we'll launch in the future.
What if I can’t make a live session?
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No problem! All live sessions will be recorded and made available to you in multiple formats (video recording, audio recording and written transcript) within 24 hours.
I can’t make these dates. Will there be other sessions in the future?
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We hope to run future bootcamps based on demand. Signal your interest to us by signing up to be informed of future sessions below.
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When does enrollment close?
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Enrollment will stay open until all available slots are filled in the bootcamp or until 72 hours before the start of the program (whatever comes first).
How many fellow participants can I expect?
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Sessions will be capped at 10 participants each to ensure a small group experience. However, each bootcamp session must have a minimum of 5 enrolled participants to take place or it will be subject to rescheduling or cancellation. The new date and time will take into the account the availability of enrolled participants to the best of our ability.
I have an accommodation request that isn’t covered here.
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Get in touch with us at at any time to tell us how we can best accommodate you. We'll do everything possible to honor your request.
Who is eligible for scholarships?
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We are testing an honor system and trust that you can determine your eligibility for a scholarship on the basis of financial and access barriers. Consider yourself eligible if you meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • have a net income below 50% of the median income of your country (for instance, this means earning less than $35,000 in the US)
  • identify as a member of a historically racial/ethic marginalized group with regards to race, ethnicity and/or level of ability
  • live in a country with high currency exchange rates (e.g., India)
  • are in an unstable professional situation (e.g. unemployment, students)
  • have no access to professional development funds
Those with the greatest financial barriers will be prioritized. If we learn that you have misrepresented yourself to take unfair advantage of our scholarships, your enrollment will be cancelled and subject to a partial refund (full amount paid minus a 10% donation to our Academy scholarship fund).

Do you offer payment plans?
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Yes, we can split the payment into three monthly installments. We're not yet capable of that doing that with our current ticketing service — please reach out to us at so we can set that up manually for you.
Do you offer refunds?
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You have the right to cancel your enrollment within 5 calendar days of your purchase and no later than April 24, 2023 (7 calendar days before the start of the bootcamp). You will receive a full refund of any payments you have made. Reach out to us at to cancel your enrollment.

If you cancel your registration after April 24, 2023, you will not be entitled to a refund, except in extraordinary circumstances, which will be entirely at our discretion.
How can I get my employer to reimburse the cost of this?
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Check out our reimbursement request template that you can fill out and share with your employer to request them to sponsor your participation.
I still have questions.
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We're happy to answer them! Contact us via our contact form or by email at

Ready to join us?

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The journey doesn't end here.

Inclusive design is an ongoing journey of growth and experimentation. This bootcamp is a teaser of our larger cohort-based community program on inclusive design called the Inclusive Design Playground, which we will kick off in late Spring/early Summer.

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A map of the Inclusive Design Jam Playground program with 5 milestones: Mindset, Influence, Practice & Ritual-Building, Specializing, and Coaching

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