We hold public events and workshops to raise awareness and initiate designers, creators, makers and the general public on the practice of inclusive and equitable design.

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Upcoming public events

March 2023 Community Jam
Join us for a lively discussion on trauma-design practices and how they intersect with inclusive design.
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Past events

Recordings are available in our Slack group and our members-only Community Hub.

February 2023 Community Jam
Join us for a lively discussion on how to center lived experiences of marginalized communities in design and research with respect and care.
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January 2023 Community Jam
*Rescheduled* Join us for a special workshop on mindset and behavior change using a framework called The Reflexive Compass!
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December 2022 Community Jam
In this month's community jam, we'll hear inclusion & equity insights from our members Kristin Patterson and Imran Nazerali!
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November 2022 Community Jam
This month's community jam is a free-for-all session where we will lean into community-centered design and improvisation based on the topics brought up by attendees!
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October 2022 Initiation Jam
Join us on our monthly initiation jam where you can discover inclusive design in an interactive workshop! This session is scheduled to be friendly to EMEA & Americas time zones.
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October 2022 Community Jam
This month's community jam on how to critically examine and evolve your design practice will be led by special guest Janey Lee (She/Her), Senior Product Designer at Spotify.
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