Let's start by defining inclusive design.

We recognize that inclusive design has many different definitions. Our definition of inclusive design is expansive — we call it “design for social change.” It encompasses diversity & inclusion, equity & justice, accessibility, ethics and care & healing.

In our bootcamp, we'll dive into this expanded definition through our Design for Social Change Ecosystem.

The journey from good intentions to positive impact is a bit messy.

If you're here, we imagine that you're fed up with a status quo of inequity, bias and exclusion. You're eager to design for social change. But inclusive design is often easier said than done.

Struggling to start.

You're excited about inclusive design, but don't really know where or how to start. You may feel unprepared and lacking direction.

Lost and confused.

You've started exploring but feel lost among so many resources. What makes sense for your work? Whose advice should you trust?

Afraid of mistakes.

You’re already experimenting but worry about mistakes. What is "inclusive" enough? Are you unknowingly being biased?

What you will learn

After this course, you will be able to:

Two individuals at the beginning of a path looking up at a star
A light-skinned Latina woman with dark brown hair smiling in front of stone pillars
Your Instructor

You're in experienced hands.

Hi, I’m Sandra Camacho (She/Her), a.k.a. Sandra By Design. I'm an independent inclusive design strategist, educator and advisor and the founder of the Inclusive Design Jam. I'm excited to be your instructor! 

I've been laying and building upon the foundations of my inclusive design practice for over 15 years.

What I bring to you

Rich knowledge of identity politics, systems and social design through 6 years of academic study and field work
Hands-on practice in culture change and design-driven innovation in 8 years at Google
Learnings and insights drawn from 4 years of inclusive design advisory with organizations of all sizes
Deep understanding of practitioner needs, challenges and best practices gained from managing our IDJ community
Proven capacity to shift mindsets, behaviors and practices, having run 250+ workshops and courses over 13 years
Personal conviction and cultural humility as a trilingual two-time immigrant and woman of color